Rotostar Srl

Rotostar Srl

Plastics Rotational Moulding

With over twenty years of experience in the field we can count on a know-how able to satisfy even the most complex requirements.

From the idea to the co-design, we offer modern solutions ranging from the prototyping to the mass production .

Industrial cleaning, play ground & games, boating, agriculture, urban design, ecology & water treatement are just some of the areas to which we are dedicated.
In any industrial field, the moulding of plastic materials with the rotational system offers an advantageous , concrete and functional solution.

Whether you want to satisfy the aesthetic or the functional aspect, there is always the opportunity to study together the colour, design and characteristics of the article to make it more suited to your needs.


  • Play Ground and Games
    Nowadays, in the field of amusement parks, everything meets all safety and non-toxicity requirements...
  • Agricoltura
    The applications of the rotational moulding in the field of agriculture are countless and...
  • Serbatoio
    In the field of industrial cleaning and sanitisation it is impossible not to think of the rotational moulding...
  • Design
    Rotational moulding offers cutting-edge solutions, with innovative design...