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The IT-RO association, Italia Rotazionale, was born in November 2013 from the collaboration of companies linked to the world of rotational moulding. Moulding companies, suppliers of machinery, equipment, raw materials and accessories, consultants for rotational moulding decided to found an association that could join them and act as a reference for the promotion and further development of this technology.


“Unione degli Industriali della Provincia di Varese” is an association of companies that is part of Confindustria.
More than 1,200 member companies with more than 64,000 employees join the Association
The member companies of the Union are mainly of small size and work in a multi-sectorial area with a strong presence of mechanical, textile, rubber, plastics, chemical and pharmaceutical fields.


For more than 25 years CDO has been close to many business owners and professionals who want to face the economic, social and cultural challenges in a constructive and innovative manner. This operating friendship, which relies on the sense of responsibility and the desire to contribute to the common good to be found in every person, has resulted over the years in multifarious initiatives in profit and non-profit organizations.