Rotostar Srl

Technological process

Rotational moulding is an exceptional technology that allows for the production of plastic articles with hollow body, of any shape and size :

  • seamless
  • without rejects of plastic material
  • with with uniform thickness walls
  • with low weight compared with similar metal pieces
  • with external smooth, glossy or worked surfaces
  • with metal double-wall or sandwich inserts

Plastic Materials

  • PE - Polyethylene
  • PP - Polypropylene
  • PA - Nylon
  • PVC - Plastisol

Phase 1


Loading of the raw material (powdered or liquid) in a hollow mould and subsequent closing of the mould itself

Phase 2


Planetary rotation of the mould in a furnace heated at high temperature, with melting and uniform distribution of the plastic on the inner walls of the mould

Phase 3


Planetary rotation of the mould in the cooling area (using air and water)

Phase 4


Opening of the mould for the piece extraction